The Last Night…!

So, it’s 10.15pm and really, I should be in bed. I’m exhausted; I have to be up at about 4.30-5am; I have an 8 HOUR LONG flight tomorrow with a toddler (I can’t imagine anything worse, to be quite honest!) and god knows I haven’t been sleeping well of late.


I know I can’t sleep- because tomorrow, we are GOING. We’re actually doing it. After years of wishing and dreaming of doing something out of the ordinary, we’re about to undertake something truly EXTRAORDINARY. Or crazy, if you will. I’m still undecided myself, if I’m perfectly honest.

It’s been an up and down day of exhausting proportions. A day for nationwide celebrations as the UK came together to toast the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the most beautiful ceremony- as Matt and I crouched on the floor, frantically stuffing items into over-sized laundry bags and dismantling our bikes into a skeleton version of their former selves, the TV speakers blared out the sounds of the choirboys of Westminster and the screams of the public.

We finally checked out of our house, fetched our currency and made our last ever trip to the container with the remaining odds and ends. We paid final bills, bought thank you gifts and checked, double checked and triple checked our passports for the upteenth time (I still seem to fear I’ll look at it tomorrow morning and realise it expires in a few days…!) Actually, we’ve been surprisingly organised and are now having the rare chance to relax and think about what lies ahead.

Except, I can’t quite get my head around it. At all. I still feel largely indifferent and numb- my head knows we’re going, but my heart can’t accept it’s actually happening to us. A coping mechanism, perhaps?? When will it hit? When I wake in the morning? Once we set foot on that plane? When we arrive on Canadian soil? Or perhaps it won’t truly hit until we’re days, weeks! into our adventure.

I do get moments when the torrent of emotion hits. Wave upon wave of excitement, elation, anticipation and pure terror. It’s exhausting; it’s also exhilerating! I’m existing off pure adrenaline at present and I can’t see that modifying itself anytime soon. Living off the buzz of what we’re doing- well, I can think of worse ways to live.

Bed is calling and I know I should answer. But before I bid the e-world goodnight, I just want to extend my thanks to everyone who has shown their support to us in the lead up to this moment. The sheer volume of messages of encouragement over the past 24hours alone has been tremendous and we all really appreciate having such amazing people behind us. Thank you all- and please do continue to follow us as we start out for real…!

Goodnight, and farewell Wales.

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One Response to “The Last Night…!”

  1. Lynda M O
    May 3, 2011 at 7:12 am #

    Sleep well and enjoy the morrow. Looking forward to following your journey; I was following Family on Bikes and rejoiced with them when they arrived at Ushiawa (sp?).

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